Magic Edges (Small cubicuboctahedron)

Untitled, die-cut printed cardstock. Contributed by Studio Infinity.

[62 F, 108 E, 48 V] The term “small cubicuboctahedron” often refers to a generalized polyhedron in which the planar faces are allowed to intersect each other at places other than the vertices and edges. In other words, you would imagine that the green shapes in the same plane were all part of a single octagon passing through the interior of the structure. However, such abstract geometric configurations don’t necessarily obey the simple form of Euler’s Polyhedron Formula highlighted in Polyplane. So in this exhibition, the model represents a non-convex but otherwise typical polyhedron, which has vertices everywhere you see three or more of the flat sides intersect. (“Non-convex” simply means that it has indentations.)