Yana Mohanty (Campanus’ sphere)

Campanus 2020, reused Tetra paks

[72 F, 132 E, 62 V]

The globe-like object presented here is called the Campanus’ sphere, after Campanus of Novara, an Italian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and physician. The object was actually described by the Euclid in his Elements (c. 300 B.C.E.), but Campanus wrote a popular version of the Elements in the 13th century, in which he described the 72-faced version of the sphere. Hence it was named after him. More details can be found in Mathematicas Visuales, and in Polyhedra by Peter R. Cromwell.

This particular model was made using the technique called snapology origami, invented by Heinz Strobl. As with all origami, there is no glue involved.

Here are instructions for making your own Campanus’ Sphere.