Category: Additional Polyhedra

  • Rona Gurkewitz (Triangle-excavated cuboctahedron)

    Rona Gurkewitz (Triangle-excavated cuboctahedron)

    Cuboctahedron with Inverted Triangles, Stardream paper [30 F, 48 E, 20 V] This is my design and is published in 3D Geometric Origami: Modular Polyhedra, Gurkewitz and Arnstein, Dover 1995.

  • Magic Edges (Small cubicuboctahedron)

    Magic Edges (Small cubicuboctahedron)

    Untitled, die-cut printed cardstock. Contributed by Studio Infinity. [62 F, 108 E, 48 V] The term “small cubicuboctahedron” often refers to a generalized polyhedron in which the planar faces are allowed to intersect each other at places other than the vertices and edges. In other words, you would imagine that the green shapes in the…

  • Shefali Nayak (Compound of six sphenoid hendecahedra)

    Shefali Nayak (Compound of six sphenoid hendecahedra)

    Floret of Six Sphenoid Hendecahedra, paper straws and hanji and glassine paper [54 F, 102 E, 50 V] Remarkably enough given its floral form, this shape is space-filling: you can stack copies of this polyhedron to fill any volume of space with no gaps or overlaps.

  • Fr. Magnus Wenninger (Regular Dodecahedron)

    Fr. Magnus Wenninger (Regular Dodecahedron)

    Untitled, cardstock and glue. Contributed by Thomas Sibley. [12 F, 30 E, 20 V] The Polyplane producers are honored to have the opportunity to include a model created by the renowned late Fr. Magnus Wenninger. Fr. Magnus, a Benedictine monk, made his name as one of the greatest polyhedron-model constructors of all time by being…