Thanks for participating in Polyplane. When your polyhedron is just about ready to send, please fill out all of the applicable information below and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom. (You will likely need to scroll down to reach it.)

    as you wish it to appear in the virtual catalog; “Anonymous” is acceptable.

    only if you did not produce this polyhedron yourself; “Unknown” is acceptable but more specific credit is preferred if possible .


    Faces and edges must match your original registration; they are how we identify items in Polyplane.

    You are encouraged to provide a photograph of your submission; if you don’t we will inexpertly take one for the virtual catalog.

    e.g. “cube” or “truncated hexagonal prism”, if you know of such a name.

    as an artwork

    what is your submission made of?

    You may include discussion of mathematical, artistic, historic, and/or other aspects of your submission. The producers reserve the right to edit your text. You are also welcome to include brief biographical information.

    Shipping information

    If you fill out the below with an address in the US or Canada, we will email you a prepaid shipping label to the proper address for your piece to join Polyplane. Otherwise, someone working with the exhibition will contact you to arrange how to receive your work. If you are sending multiple polyhedra, please only complete this lower section once for each individual package that you are sending (but fill out and submit the above portion for each polyhedron, leaving this part blank for others in the same box).
    length x width x height